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Gyroe From LA
Dance Demo 2014
Gyroe & Chris Brown Performance | "Fine China"
Las Vegas Billboard Music Awards
Gyroe - Lead Specialty Talent
NBC's Marry Me Promo
Gyroe Lead Talent
XL Drink TV Commercial
"Gyroe's Trio" - Highlights
Champions of Battle Tactics 2009
Gyroe fighting Chris Brown
Uncut raw footage
Gyroe fights Chris Brown (Raw Uncut Footage) | Fine China
Gyroe & Outer Circle Crew
Highlights | "Nokia Tron Halloween 2011"
Gyroe The Magnificent - Bboy Trailer
"Dreadroe Mutation" (2008/2009)
Gyroe - KINJAZ | "Ice"
Gyroe - KINJAZ | "Ken-Ya Dance"
Gyroe & Outer Circle Crew
Disneyland ElecTRONica Teaser
Gyroe The Magnificent
Bboy Trailer | "Horizons" (2009)
Gyroe - KINJAZ | "Fire"
Gyroe - The Kinjaz
Culture Shock LA's 20th Anniversary Showcase
Gyroe The Magnificent
Bboy Trailer - "On cloud 9" (2007)
Gyroe The Magnificent
Bboy Trailer | "Funk in a Can" (2005)
Gyroe in Chris Brown's Music Video
"Fine China" (Full Video)
Black Out 2 Promo
(Judges Gyroe, Nasty Ray, Tco)
Gyroe (ジャイロ フロム LA)
Ground Grooves Freestyle
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